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Here is a list of the services that I provide for each session. I am happy to thoroughly explain any service you are unfamiliar with during our consultation. Contact me if you have any questions, or when you are ready to request a consultation. 

Note: Services I do not provide are listed at the bottom.

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Erotic Massage

Lay back while I give you a sensuous, relaxing full body massage. Intensify the experience with restraints and a blindfold or mask.



Let me put you over my knee or bench and give you a nice sensual spanking. I can make it more intense if you feel you have been really bad and are in need of some corporal punishment.

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Maybe what you need is a loving Dominant for some sensual, romantic or erotic cuddling.

Erotic Restraints

Do you enjoy the feeling of being restrained, immobile and vulnerable? I have an assortment of leather restraints for your wrists and ankles, as well as blindfolds and masks.

Discipline Training

Let me teach you naughty erotic postures to hold and give you some commands to follow. Or if that is not enough, maybe some disciplinary punishment is what you crave.

Flogging and Whipping

If whipping is what you like, I have a collection of floggers, single tails, and quirts for you to choose from. I can deliver a light exciting sensual whipping or, if pain is your preference, I can give you heavier, more intense impact.


I love providing rhythmic sensations using canes but I also enjoy using them for heavier play. I can incorporate canes into discipline or student-teacher role playing.

Public Domination

Would you like to submit in public over coffee or a meal? You can be made to obey at a café, restaurant or public event. You can even be ordered to secretly let me confiscate your panties. (You are asked to make all reservations and cover all meal expenses.)

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Boot and Shoe Worship

Do your fantasies involve worshipping a Dominant’s boots? I have many pairs of leather boots and shoes that crave your caress, licks, and kisses.

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Feminine Rage

Here is a cathartic opportunity to express your rage. Together we will negotiate a scenario where you can act out your anger towards men through verbal and/or physical rage directed at me.

*(New!) Virtual Sessions Now Available!

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Services I Do Not Provide
These are activities or services that are not negotiable. Please respect my limits and do not request these activities at any time: Kissing, intercourse, oral sex or blood play. I do not expose myself during our sessions.

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