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About Master Hines

"I have been a practitioner of the BDSM arts since 1992. As an educator, I have taught and given presentations, classes, demonstrations, and private workshops throughout the Southeast and the Bay Area. Core to my BDSM philosophy is spirituality through power exchange. My technique emphasizes the spiritual connection between top and bottom. I take a classical approach to BDSM: etiquette, trust, and love are the basis for the spiritual connection I seek to provide for others. I am also an accomplished artist specializing in contemporary painting. My other interests are guitar, photography, movies and philosophy."

Loving Dominance

“BDSM is pleasurable, intense and exhilarating, but ultimately it should always be loving and fun.”

My professional service, Loving Dominance, provides a safe, private, caring place where you can feel free to explore and fulfill your submissive desires. Whether you are new or experienced, shy or bold, if you have submissive fantasies—sensuous or masochistic—you can fulfill your desires with me through Loving Dominance. Whatever your fantasies or needs, my approach is always patient and caring, and I always have your pleasure in mind. During our session together, I will act as your dominant, teacher, guide and confidante, there to provide you the space to explore your fetish fantasies, safely and free of judgment. Connection is key, and during our time together, we will build a connection through clear communication and the intimate power of touch, all while I carefully monitor you to ensure that your needs are being fulfilled. 

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"Over the years, my skills progressed and I became more adept at establishing a spiritual connection between myself and my scene partners, to the point where I realized I was not just having fun, but also providing a service." more!



All sessions are held at a private dungeon space that provides supplies, equipment, accoutrements, and privacy. The dungeon I rent is located in Oakland and is clean, cozy, stylish, and equipped with showers. The location and more information will be provided during the booking of our session. For information regarding consultation and session fees please go to my Tribute page.

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