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It has been a long time coming, but my pro-dom service Loving Dominance is here. For many years friends and associates in the BDSM community have encouraged me to become a professional dominant. Many circumstances converged serendipitously at the  time to make it possible for me to provide this service; maturity for one. I reached a time in my life where I had matured both in physical age and in my years of experience with BDSM. I found a greater purpose for my indulgences in the world of BDSM. When I came into the scene in the 90’s I truly found my erotic/sexual calling. I discovered a community where I could both hone my erotic/sexual skills through S/M and direct the energy of my dominant persona to safely provide pleasure to others. Over the years, my skills progressed and I became more adept at establishing spiritual connections between myself and my scene partners. To the point where I realized I was not just having fun but also providing a service.


Another encouraging factor was the insight into how to shape my service for the needs of a mostly female clientele. All the Pro-doms I knew were women with a majority of the clients being men. Their approach towards Pro-dom services, while very professional, had a stricter, more sadistic and more demeaning flavor to it - which is thoroughly understandable given the needs and expectations of male clientele. I realized that I wanted a different approach as my services would be directed mainly, but not exclusively, to women. Not that I cannot provide sadism or humiliation for those women in need of such services. I can simply do so in the ‘loving dominant’ manner I enjoy. It was then that I began to see the potential. So now, after so many years, I am ready and able to provide professional BDSM sessions for those wishing to explore and experience their fantasies.

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