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"I have known Master Hines for a number of years and see him as one of the great and highly skilled Dominants in the San Francisco scene. His reputation is impeccable and I have learned a great deal from him over the years, both from personal interaction and from attending some of the many classes he teaches. In my opinion, one of his strongest traits (in addition to his skills) is the way he connects with the bottoms he plays with. His play is a beautiful dance that always concludes with a desire for more. I cannot recommend Master Hines enough and anyone who avails themselves of his services will be truly satisfied."




"The genius of Master Hines is that no matter how intense the activity, he is always taking care of you. I have never felt safer with a top. 

Master Hines listened and paid attention... and then he used what he learned to give me exactly what I needed.

Master Hines is an expert in giving intense sensation without pushing too much.

Master Hines gives the best flogging I have ever experienced.

Master Hines is, at heart, a profoundly kind and loving man, but that doesn't stop him from making you feel helpless and controlled if that's what you want.

A scene with Master Hines is not just a top doing things to you - it's an intimate journey together.

Also, he is sexy as fuck. And his boots are sexy as fuck. BTW, his armpits are sexy as fuck as well."




"I have been privileged to both be a demo bottom for Master Hines in several teaching/coaching settings, as well as enjoying being the focus of his wonderful topping attentions in play parties where he was House Dom.

(At those parties I was tempted to sign up for ALL the available slots on his sign-up list, but, yeah, that would not be fair or right--depriving other bottoms, being greedy, etc. But I was very tempted.)

What sets him apart from so many tops is his focus on connection: physically, energetically, and tuning into the bottom's needs and safety really well, so I always felt not only hot in the scene, but importantly, secure so I could surrender more fully, confident I was in attentive, caring, conscious, present, Masterful hands.

Yes, I just used that word I actually hardly ever use, Masterful, which is so carelessly thrown about by so many, with precious little thought of its meaning.

He has obviously done his work tuning into the essence of what a bottom needs. 

Unlike so many who just work on techniques and mechanics, he does that better than most because he goes beyond into the essence, like...what are some good analogies...?

...Like a martial artist who knows he is a lifelong student, no matter how many he already teaches, who has a lot of inner stuff dealt with, not just the katas or external forms.

If we use an analogy of a musician, he is totally NOT the would-be player, some guy perfectly parroting a Jimi Hendrix song note for note, but it turns out boringly empty, lacking soul & feeling. 

No, he has that inner thing going on, groks how important being present is, being mindful of the connection, the spirit of the thing.

I unreservedly recommend him as a top for anyone to bottom to, learn from, delight in, and be enriched by the experience. 

Candidly, my wish is that all who aspire to be or who think of themselves as tops...for that matter any who travel on the path of dominance...could observe, listen, be humble enough to realize there is always more to learn...and then learn some more from him. 

I feel we would have much more fulfilling, more deeply connecting (plus safer) bunches of D/s scenes, play, and relationships growing in our community. 

That's about it. If you're a bottom you'll be very happy. If you're a top, you'll benefit. If you're a switch...well, you always get the best of both worlds, right? Just meet him and you'll be glad. :-)"

- servingmaid on FL

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